In this section you can view the monthly data relating to freight traffic in tons.

A job that does not stop A job that does not stop

The growth in the demand for transport over the years and the constant increase in the transport capacity by the airlines have allowed to achieve very positive results both for the volumes of goods and for the movements of all cargo aircraft

741,000 tons
741,000 tons
Freight traffic
in 2021
Milan Malpensa Airport closed 2021 with an all-time record of 741 thousand tons of cargo transported, equal to +45% compared to the previous year and +36% compared to 2019 (pre-pandemic). Of these total volumes, over 420 thousand tons were transported by All-Cargo aircraft (+40% compared to 2019), while the express courier segment with 235 thousand tons accounted for 33% of total cargo compared to 15% in 2019 (+222% compared to 2019).
Volume growth compared
to 2020
Over the last two years, express couriers, primarily DHL, have driven the growth of cargo at Milan Malpensa, with an increase compared to 2019 of over 160 thousand tons. The growth of express couriers and the increase in volumes of traditional cargo flights (especially in imports) have abundantly covered the shortage of "belly" cargo (goods carried in the holds of passenger flights) strongly impacted by the pandemic. In 2021 Malpensa airport was confirmed as the only Italian airport equipped to handle large quantities of all-cargo flights, reaching a market share of 70% of total cargo transited through Italian airports.
Total cargo flights
The record growth in freight transported in 2021 more than doubled the number of cargo movements compared to 2019 (+158%) with an average of around 90 movements per day. The considerable increase in movements is mainly related to the growth of express couriers, which mainly operate with short/medium haul aircraft and have a lower weight/volume ratio than all-cargo flights. 

Constant growth Constant growth

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