Malpensa: the first airport in Italy to start the Customs Fast TransferMalpensa: the first airport in Italy to start the Customs Fast Transfer

Malpensa: the first airport in Italy to start the Customs Fast Transfer



Official start today for the operational trial of the procedure for the so-called Customs “Fast Transfer” addressed to authorized operators in Malpensa Airport. The aim of the Fast Transfer is to speed up the time necessary to process those goods coming from extra-UE countries, thus allowing the owner of such goods to move them from the airport hub to another place of customs clearance outside the airport with benefits on time, storage costs and warehouse logistics. A fully automated process based on a corridor that allows to move the goods subject to customs supervision through the geolocalized monitoring of the transfer, which starts and ends in authorized areas.

After the welcome messages by SEA’s CEO Armando Brunini and by Marcello Minenna, General Director for the Customs and Monopolies Agency, the first operation was performed, following the actual route of the carrier, from the temporary airport supervision warehouse in Malpensa Cargo City to the temporary supervision warehouse at an authorized operator’s in Vizzola Ticino, where the remaining customs clearance procedures were carried out inhouse. "Milan Malpensa airport is the first Italian cargo terminal where the new Customs Fast Transfer procedure is applied - said Paolo Dallanoce, SEA’s Cargo Manager - A digital revolution developed together with the Customs Agency that allows a more efficient, faster, integrated and digitized flow management of import goods, thus increasing the capacity to receive goods and making Malpensa airport more attractive and competitive internationally".

Laura Castellani, Director of the Agency's Organization and Digital Transformation Department, underlined that: "As part of the airport digital transition program a first work phase comes to light today and paves the way towards a digital system aimed at simplifying and speeding up customs clearance processes and cargo handling. All the processes designed and implemented by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, together with its technology partner Sogei, are based on systems that are perfectly integrated with those of the stakeholders and the administrations involved. The project will offer us the opportunity to improve and enhance the airport logistics system by making use of the cooperation of the subjects involved in the supply chain. The goal is to merge all logistics processes into one national logistics platform".

Maria Preiti, Director of the Agency for Lombardy, highlighted "that the procedure, being a further simplification of the customs clearance processes, strengthens the role of Malpensa in the logistics system of Lombardy and of Italy".