Southern Europe Cargo airport

With its hi-tech facilities and innovative IT systems, Milano Malpensa Cargo is the biggest airport in Italy in terms of air cargo volumes, with a market share of 55%. It is also the sixth-biggest cargo airport in Europe.

Milano Malpensa Cargo is located in the heart of the most industrialised area of Italy and enjoys a position of strategic importance in Central-Southern Europe. Situated within a 300km radius are Italy’s most densely industrialised areas and biggest import/export regions (Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany), as well as key production hubs such as Switzerland and France. Malpensa is the only Southern European airport in the continent’s top ten cargo airports, making it the key cargo nucleus in an area as strategically important as it is vast.

With an already efficient network of road links being continuously developed, freight arriving or departing Malpensa can easily be transported to and from the main operational headquarters of the leading shipping companies and logistics operators, not just in Italy but also in all neighbouring countries (Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia).

The quality of the airport’s operational processes is being constantly improved, also thanks to the support of several operators providing cargo handling and transport services for all the shipments departing and arriving by air in Malpensa. Meanwhile, the relevant supervisory authorities (customs, border healthcare inspection services, Veterinary, CITES etc. ) work tirelessly to simplify and speed up control procedures through the use of innovative IT systems. All of this makes Milano Malpensa Cargo the ideal location for the operational bases of the leading players in the air freight industry.
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