In order to guarantee all Milano Malpensa Cargo users consistent levels of service and performance in line with the highest international standards, SEA has worked in collaboration with the main stakeholders using its services to create the airport’s Cargo Services Charter.

Just as is the case for passenger services, this document establishes a series of indicators which measure the quality and efficiency of cargo handling processes relating to key services for the airport’s customers(e.g. cargo assembling for departing flights, waiting times for trucks loading and unloading, inbound cargo checks, waiting time at counters). In addition to these quantitative parameters, the Cargo Services Charter also includes a range of indicators measuring clients’ perceived quality of the services and infrastructure in cargo area. Annual targets for percentage of satisfied clients are set for each of these indicators and compared with the results measured through opinion polls carried out on a representative user sample.

The Malpensa Cargo Services Charter is published after a long period of analysis which saw individual quality targets identified and calibrated with the help of all affected operators. These targets are redefined annually according to guidelines issued by the Italian Aviation Authority (ENAC), which monitors progress towards these objectives.

Malpensa airport is the first Italian airport to publish a Services Charter for their cargo services. This document testifies the willing of all associated operators to take on specific commitment as to the quality of the services they provide and to supply clients with findings and evidence following analysis of the results reached.
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