Milano Malpensa Cargo occupies a space of around 400,000m2 in the south-west part of Milan Malpensa airport.

Inside Milano Malpensa Cargo, a range of infrastructures and facilities for air freight processing have been created. Inside Malpensa Cargo City warehouses, all types of goods can be handled (from general cargo to special goods of all kinds), in accordance with the highest operational standards. Thanks to the additional capacity that will be provided by a series of new facilities currently under construction, the airport’s annual capacity will soon jump from 600,000 tonnes to over one million tonnes per year. Milan Malpensa Cargo’s warehouses face onto the airport’s dedicated cargo apron, directly connected to the runway system, capable of accommodating up to 14 E/F aircrafts (parking stands are available just in front of the warehouses). This helps to optimise the handling processes and to shorten freight transport times to and/or from the aircrafts.

Facilities include:

  • o Three warehouses for air freight handling covering an area of around 55,000m2 in total. These facilities are able to handle the whole logistics chain of air cargo operations (including bonded storage) and are fitted with all facilities and equipment needed to ensure best quality services to all customers, as follows:
    •      100 doors for trucks, 30 ULD stations with lifting platforms for pallets build up and break down, large storage areas for loose  cargo both inbound and outbound and X-ray machines for security checks on outbound shipments.
    • two fully automated stacker systems for the ULDs movement and storage, which are connected to the ULD processing stations. The system includes over 400 ULDs storage positions, 100 mechanised docks for quick clearance and 12 truck  docks
  •   Three additional automatic plants for truck loading and unloading, with a total of 13 truck docks.
  •  Two temperature-controlled facilities for perishable goods (i.e. goods of animal or vegetable origin or goods for pharmaceutical products) situated inside the warehouses. These measure a total of 4,500m2 and are attached to two border inspection areas for imported goods. These are manned by supervisory health and safety authorities.
  •  Two IATA-certified facilities for pharmaceutical products with CEIV-Pharma certification;
  • Fully-equipped areas for the holding and checking of live animals, both large and small (one animal hotel for small animals and one fully-equipped stable capable of accommodating up to 12 medium to large animals).
  •  One express courier warehouse measuring around 15,000m2, supported by 2,000m2 of offices and storage areas, special goods used by FedEx;
  •  One office building reserved for operators (handling agents, airlines, GSAs, customs officials) and supervisory authorities (Malpensa Customs Authorities, veterinary office, phytopathological office, air health and safety etc.), measuring a total of 8,000m2.
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