Milano Malpensa Cargo features all services needed to ensure freight is processed in accordance with the highest quality, security and reliability standards.
Services are provided by handling companies and other indipendent operators who act in conformity with all laws and regulations pertaining to the sector, as per operational protocols controlled by the Airport’s Operator.

  •  Physical handling services for air freight shipments both inbound and outbound
    •  General cargo
    •  Perishable goods (foodstuffs of animal or vegetable origin, fresh flowers, pharmaceutical products, etc.)
    •  Special goods (DGR, VAL, VUN, HUM etc.)
  •  Document handling services (including messages in accordance with IATA standards)
  •  Security checks on goods in accordance with European regulations
  •  Cargo booking and AWB issuing services (at Agents and Airlines)
  •  Road transport services (trucking companies present at Milan Malpensa Cargo)
  •  Customs clearance services for import and export (perfomed by Customs Brokers and controlled by customs officials)
    •  The following services are provided by public control bodies:
    •  Health and safety services for the inspection of non-EU goods being imported
    •  Veterinary checks, phytopathological checks and other health checks
    •  Customs and anti-fraud checks (import and export authorisation, collection of customs duties), controls on customs and tax security, etc
    •  CITES checks
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