The Operations Department has the task of ensuring the maintenance and development of the operational framework of the Milano Airports, coordinating and monitoring the activities carried out within this framework by SEA and other airport service providers. The roles of this Department include airfield coordination, plant and infrastructure maintenance, security services, and cargo operations. In this latter division, the Operations Department works through the Cargo Manager to implement all initiatives necessary to ensure efficiency and quality of Cargo operations at the airport and pursue development in the sector, implementing airport services and infrastructure and promoting airside and landside development of freight traffic.
To receive additional information on Cargo initiatives, bring any airfreight problems to SEA’s attention, or ask questions, please contact:

Below you will find direct contact information for our Cargo representatives:

Cargo Manager

The Aviation Business Department works with passenger and cargo airlines to explore new market opportunities, assist start-up operations, and establish a profitable long-term partnership between the Airline Company and the Airport Operator.
To receive additional information on aviation business development initiatives or statistical/demographic studies, please contact:

Below you will find direct contact information for our Aviation Business Development representatives:

Cargo Aviation Marketing Manager

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